Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Very Special Episode

With magical blogging, you can wish things into being. Such as Fresh Art’s Russian Fashion Week party last weekend, which assembled 4 out of 5 of our plastic surgery train-wrecks in the same room, plus a handful of other recurring MDBIT characters. If Danila Polyakov had shown up, I would have shut down down this dangerous, dangerous voodoo doll of a blog.

This is Fresh Art. They used to go to my gym. Now they look sort of human, but there was a time when they ran around in ass-length gold dreadlocks and blue contacts. They are a Russian design trio. What do they design? Oh, everything.

Homo-erotic underpants.

Butt-ugly shoes.


They also excel at soft lens photography of backwards multiculturalism; shooting music videos with wax figurine Liza Sharikova; and hella socializing. When Fresh Art threw a party — a Fresh P-Arty, hehehe — at Elysium, the concert hall wing of Rai, on October 20, everyone came.

Rai promoter Andreas pays homage to Fresh Art's early-'90s, irony-less cool by shaving patterns into his flattop.

Holy crap, those Dyagilev chicks weren't even famous before, just an Internet meme. Now they're hanging on the corpse of Sergei Zverev.

Fresh Art can't leave home without Sharikova's mummy.

Even Sasha Feis Kontrol heeded the call.

Some new stars of the plastic surgery world were born.

Looks a little bit like the last days of Hitler's bunker.

I guess I'll round this off with photos of one of the Fresh Artists mauling a dancer. Don't call him gay!

, 9 Bolotnaya Nab., Metro: Polyanka, Borovitskaya, Tel. 767-1474

Photos: freshart.ru, geomteria.ru

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Sergei said...

There is some seriously cool dirty shit there. Nice!