Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its ANDREA$ Time

Rai promoter Andreas (or ANDREA$, if you'll humor that eccentricity) had a birthday last weekend. We now know more about the life and opinions of this Caligulan dwarf than ever before.

ANDREA$ — carries a man purse.

ANDREA$ — snuggles pop stars (like Vlad Topalov).

ANDREA$ — wears a silk robe.

ANDREA$ — cannonballs.

ANDREA$ — juggles strippers in the water.

ANDREA$ — gets "gaysted."

No, don't try to understand it. Different plane of existence entirely. Your life is more like a Kyrgyz shit herder's than it is like his.

I don't know, I like Rai. All the preeeeteeee colors. Everything beautiful, and nothing hurts. A wonderful place to sink into oblivion.

Rai, 9 Bolotnaya Nab., Metro: Polyanka, Borovitskaya, Tel. 767-1474

Photos: geometria.ru

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