Friday, March 30, 2007

Flight of the Tsigal

Meet club kid Masha Tsigal. When you already look like an Anime character, fashion is a natural career choice. And it doesn't hurt to have famous artist relations (Grandma designed the famous Soviet "Nye Boltai" propaganda poster). She of the blonde pigtails and saucer-plate eyes studied design in London in the late '90s and returned to become the darling of the Moscow fashion scene. Her "return to childhood" aesthetic prostitutes the cool fifth grader in a unicorn sweater you once were. All the same, we could all use friends like Masha for fashion advice, at age 11 or today.

"Milky Way," Tsigal's autumn-winter 2007-2008 collection, debuted at Moscow Fashion Week on Wednesday. The artist is moving towards a full-blown slumber party, with bold employment of glitter, jammies, felt balls and tiaras.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Best of 2006

And the votes are in! (Or were in on March 3 -- this is kind of old.)
Here's the Best of 2006:

Best Dance Club Opera
Best DJ Sergei Losev
Best Erotic Club 911
Best Bar Bar 7
Best Club Project Marlboro Mxtronic
Best Music Club Ikra
Club Personality of the Year Timatei
Opening of the Year Krysha Mira
Club of the Year Dyagilev

Moscow takes its leisure very seriously. So, the Night Life Awards, an annual back-patting ceremony by the club industry, is one of the most important social events of the year. The Oscars in FM boots, it's broadcast on MTV Russia, so that even Siberian peasants can know what's what in the Moscow nightlife. Dima Bilan and Banderos performed.

No big surprises for the club community, though some commenters worried that the jury was swayed by hype rather than integrity, that there was not enough meaningful differentiation between some of the entrants to merit one a winner over another and that Marlboro's sponsorship may have contributed to a win. The Night Life Awards -- rigged?

In related news, pour some liquor out for 911. Last week, a barman's fireshow got out of control and killed ten people, mostly clients in the badly ventilated upper level VIP booths.

Timotei falling under the dangerous influence of Alla Pugacheva beard Phillip Kirkorov.

Masha Tsigal
with bosom buddy (and fellow pedomorph), actress Nastya Tsvetayeva.

escapes! Someday I'll buy a house in the country where she can run around free.