Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mustache

Local boy makes good! Denis Simachev debuted his 2008-2009 Cossack-inspired winter collection for the high-end hipster at Milan Fashion Week. The designer fell back on tried and true elements from his past collections — khokhloma folk print, sassy Cyrillic sloganing — and upped the ironic mustache factor like whoa.

Simachev shares his 'stache

A bit of mustache history: only pedophiles and Latvian men wore them prior to 2005, when they were co-opted by the international hipster movement. (As usual, Moscow’s a little slow on the uptake). But MDBIT says better late than never. The handlebar, the walrus, the Edgar Allan Poe — bring them all on!

Also coming soon to a Moscow near you: bow ties and man dresses!