Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Five Plastic Surgery Disasters

5. Sasha Feis Kontrol. His voluminous, marshmallow lips are probably natural, but he turned me away from Leto one too many times...

4. Muz-TV host-turned-LDPR Duma deputy Masha Malinovskaya

3. Singer Flilip Kirkorov. What big eyes you have!

2. Liza Sharikova — actress, model, Fresh Art groupie and frozen in time. Once she shaved her head and tried her hand at singing. Neenu, neenu!

1. The Western world should really know about Sergei Zverev — hairdresser, reality TV star and recipient of our lifetime achievement award. You go, girl!

But these are all celebrities. To witness real collagen in the wild, go to Dyagilev. Oh, we have seen these sisters before. (Cute! That was back when MDBIT hadn't ironed out its grave formatting problems.) Are there two? Three? Four? I can't tell when it bleeds into the next set of girls or when it stops being Dyagilev, but it's a great ride.

Finally, it's good to see we have a sense of humor about things!

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Hoto said...

wtf happend to there lips ????

Joshua S Walker said...

makes my entire face hurt

sandra dee said...

restylane twins are my heroes. 'they saw the line, and they crossed it.' you know that stuff costs like $700 an injection and requires three to five (or twelve, as it were) sessions to complete? maybe they scored a discount for buying in bulk.

Plastic Sergeant said...

Sergey Zverev's before photos, you'll never recognize him:
He's real freak!

Plastic Sergeant said...

Kirkorov's eyes are real