Sunday, April 13, 2008

Faster, Stronger, Bigger Veranda

Ah, spring. It doesn't get any better than this. The snow's thawed to reveal all sorts of interesting animal, mineral and vegetable. All the metro dogs have that special look in their eye for you. And you've just got out of paying any taxes back home because you made waaaay below 84K this year (damn you, flaccid dollar).

Oh deer. It's this time again.

Moreover, just surviving the brutal spiritual washboarding of a Moscow winter is thrilling. Like winning a Darwinian marathon. The weak of spirit all gave up ages ago and went back home or to Eurasian safety zones, like Turkey. It's called the Great Winter Sucka Dropping. The strong remain in Russia to get the spoils of good weather: verandas.

Pagan spring veranda goddess

"Suck it, Zimaaa!!!" Ubermensch

There's no happier time on the club scene than "Goodbye Winter" party season. For one, greeting spring is a testament to the human will. And with thinned out crowds, there's more room to get freaky deeky. These photos are from a Vesna party at Emporio Cafe, where the beautiful and seski Survivors emerged from the tundra to take what's theirs. RWARRRR!