Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Recursive Functioning

Hey there, Hugh Grant. In Moscow, we like our paparazzi. We give them awards, we don't throw cans of baked beans at them. Menu Face Control is a free monthly reportage glossy distributed in high-end restaurants — its cutting-edge Photoshoppery (heighten contrast, add noise, saturate) makes the beholder feel sexy, godless and invincible. Like narcotic tranquilizers. On April 26, the magazine hosted its 2007 Face Control Awards to celebrate the year's best nightlife photos.

Nightlife photo-taking is a business, and business is good. On Monday morning, log on to cityparty.ru, havefun.ru, dj.ru, lifestars.ru, mainpeople.ru, 44100.com, nighttime.ru, geometria.ru and others to see if anyone snapped you smashing a zolotoi on the head with a champagne bottle. Most have a social networking feature to keep track of one's nocturnal compatriots.

Geometria is the most otherwordly of the online shutterbugs. Under its alien lens, you'll never die, you'll never grow old. Even Phillip Kirkorov looks like Dorian Gray.

Nightlife photos of a nightlife photos awards ceremony — the snake has consumed its tail!

Tsigal, Simachev, baldies and Bon — is there nothing new under the sun? Moscow’s beau monde set is as deep as a kiddie wading pool, and just as cloudy. Sometimes people take photos of me by accident.

Photos: geometria.ru.