Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ochen Horrowshow

Given the city's predilection for Bacchanalian excess, it makes sense that Moscow would take to Halloweeen, a non-organic holiday, like a street dog to an abandoned toddler. Russian girls have embraced a fundamental truth known by American sorority girls for quite some time: Halloween is a great excuse to dress like a ho. With enough care, even the most banal costume can be skankified.

Skank Nurses

Bride of Skankenstein


You don't understand the infinite sadness that comes from spending hours meticulously wrapping yourself in Ace bandages treated overnight in black tea for that special 2,000-year-old mummy look, only to be turned away from XIII in favor of this girl.

In general, guys come up with better costume ideas, as they're not afraid to experiment with different world cultures.

I refuse to believe he went there. Perhaps its a bad tan. Perhaps he was out of conditioner.

Perhaps the star got stuck to his uniform in the dryer.

But Halloweening as Holodomor victim? That's tasteless.

Finally, Russians spend years trying to undo a black PR campaign that bears roam freely on the streets of Moscow, then this guy fucks it all up.

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Photos: Geometria.ru, moscowfaces.ru

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