Monday, July 23, 2007

"Sonya" Hacks MDBIT!

Haters, biters — all of you. I generally don't like to drag petty beefs out into the open, but gotta say one thing: "Sonya," head of the nightlife department at that excrementory expat rag Element (or "element," whatever), has been aping my style for the while now.

I first noticed it after her review of Simachev Bar, "Simachev Subverts Stoleshnikov," which came out after my post "The Sim: Nightlife Edition." Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, compare:

MDBIT: It has the black humor of a Diesel ad, and is perpetually stuffed with the kind of people that "get it" (and wear Mr. Rogers sweaters about it).
element: Everything is reduced to the same darkly humorous level, like in a Diesel ad...Denis Simachyov Bar is for the people who “get it.”

She didn't even have the good sense to leave in the best line! The one about Denis Simachev being full of shit.

The latest offense was her Teknika Molodyozhi review "Perestroika Playground," published July 19, SIX days after my post "Kha! Kha! Kha!"

MDBIT: After years of impenetrable Soviet anekdoty, its potty jokes, boob-honking and impersonations of homosexuals are a breath of fresh air.
element: His stand-up television program, which debuted in 2005, was an instant hit with all those craving fart jokes, boob honks and impersonations of homosexuals after years of impenetrable Soviet anekdoty.

Not the first time she's bit me. Look through the canon of her nightlife journalism, you'll find she's not only yoinking exact turns of phrase, but frequenting the same places I write about, often within the same week. Homegirl better not get too close, or I'll drop her!

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