Thursday, July 19, 2007

Worst. Match. Ever?

Russia and England – aside from a mutual, irrational love of tea, nothing in common. After the spy rock, Berezovsky, diplomat expulsions and the repeated offense of gaggles of pink expats hitting on 16-year-olds in Propaganda, Russia attacked one of England's beloved pasttimes — polo.

The Dewar's Russian Polo Cup 2007, held on June 8 in Otrada, attracted scores of eager spectators in bastardized aristocratic casual. Interest in the "sport of kings" had lain dormant since the days of Tsar Alexander II, but now Moscow is rich enough for ponies again, and punchy enough to piss off England sartorially.

A Slap in the Face of Public Taste: Simachevwear on the polo field.





Ladies Mumpington and Humperscut. Stop, its cultural violence!

I know, her shoes ARE retarded.

White on white? You're not five anymore.

Did you make that necklace yourself? Fuck, enough already.

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Joshua S Walker said...

my god, where did that little lady in the pink get tha stunning mink shawl?