Friday, July 13, 2007

Kha, Kha, Kha!

"Comedy Club" is Russia's "Def Comedy Jam." It airs late night, is dominated by minority comics (Armenian) and is crazy popular with the kids. After years of impenetrable Soviet anekdoty, its potty jokes, boob-honking and impersonations of homosexuals are a breath of fresh air. Nothing gets out of Comedy Club's eagle-eye crosshairs: it was CC's Pavel "Snezhok" Volya who flirted with guest Pamela Anderson's chest at the ill-fated MTV Movie Awards.

Now the Comedy Club has a club. Teknika Molodezhi (Techniques of Youth) opened on June 15 by Belorusskaya metro station with the help of some veteran club-people: Vanya Henson (Parliament Plyazh) and Inna Tundra (30/7, Too Drunk to Fuck, Just Another Bar) and "Denis" from Garazh. The cafe-club's theme is "return to youth": comics on the walls, '80s/'90s music and, according to CC, couches "cozy enough to pukat' (fart) in!" Soon they're opening a Playstation 3 zone.

Despite the club's avowed anti-glamurny stance, they pulled in a pretty high-living crowd on opening night (the kind, at least, with the ability to laugh at itself). Wacky is not something that Muscovites wear well. But they tried. The tides are turning. Let the good times roll. It's the Roaring Naughts!

Sweet Jesus! The fuck is her head?


Teknika Molodezhi, 3rd Yamskogo Polya, Metro: Belorusskaya, Tel. 363-2811

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Joshua S Walker said...

that bottom pic is terrifying - almost looks like she had her head shrunk. what a great spread - muscovites trying to look wacky - and yet they still take themselves seriously enough to unironically wear see-through mesh on ther shoulders and giant leather somethings on their wrist.

boob honk!