Friday, March 30, 2007

Flight of the Tsigal

Meet club kid Masha Tsigal. When you already look like an Anime character, fashion is a natural career choice. And it doesn't hurt to have famous artist relations (Grandma designed the famous Soviet "Nye Boltai" propaganda poster). She of the blonde pigtails and saucer-plate eyes studied design in London in the late '90s and returned to become the darling of the Moscow fashion scene. Her "return to childhood" aesthetic prostitutes the cool fifth grader in a unicorn sweater you once were. All the same, we could all use friends like Masha for fashion advice, at age 11 or today.

"Milky Way," Tsigal's autumn-winter 2007-2008 collection, debuted at Moscow Fashion Week on Wednesday. The artist is moving towards a full-blown slumber party, with bold employment of glitter, jammies, felt balls and tiaras.


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Phil said...

hey, i like your blog, and was wondering if you were interested or knew anyone in moscow who would be good at taking street style photos. basically just stylish looking people on the street or at events, and then listing what they're wearing. it's for my street fashion website called Street Peeper.

I'd email you, but I can't seem to find any contact info on your site. But basically, SP is a global street fashion site but each photo is tagged with what the person is wearing, so one can search the photos for like "NIKE" or "MARC JACOBS" etc.. Anyways, let me know. You can click on "Contact Us" on if you're interested!