Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bald Like Me

Look out onto a Moscow club floor, and you'll see a sea of shaven heads. Not just thinning hair, but antiseptically Bic'ed to the scalp. It's the fashionable antidote to a pathogenic lifestyle, as well as premature baldness.

Izmaet Tseboyev, Editor in Chief of "svetskaya zhizn" (dolce vita) mag Menu, the journalistic arm of the Novikovan empire.

Club promoters Sinisha Lazarevich and Mikhail Kozlov of Shamabala-Cabaret-Zima-Osyen-Leto fame.

Designer Andrei Sharov.

Performance artist Andrei Bartenev (in a hat, so his head doesn' t get cold).

Producer Iosef Pirozhin.

Hannah Katz, The eXile's club reviewer. (What a bull dyke.)

Not convinced? Well, I'll turn out MDBIT's Best of Baldie archives, starting with some hot B-on-B action.

There's a common thread with these guys, I just can't seem to put my finger on it.


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Graham said...

Wow. Douché.