Friday, August 17, 2007

The Good Ship Probka

Say what you will about Moscow being unkind to women, I've pulled more times at Propaganda's Student Night than any other time/space nexus on the planet. Something about the dreamlike artificial fog, pure techno cacophony, 90-ruble vodka shots and mutually acknowledged desperation of clubbing on a Thursday sends people hurtling into each other like elementary sex particles. The face control goons stopped letting me in ages ago after I threatened to "bury" them, but I'm kind of glad, because now I have my Friday mornings back. puts Propaganda into a sparse, new club photo section — "Underground." Now, everyone with a Lonely Planet guide knows about Propaganda, the city's oldest nightclub. But the label still fits because it's physically underground, with an edgy air raid bunker decor. And, it's relatively cheap, the way that Moscow's underground isn't. How riptarded is a $10 well drink, Mr. Simachev? Propaganda is where the real fashion is at: Summer 2007 marks the emergence of Telnyashka Chic.


Propaganda, 7 Bol. Zlatoustinsky Per., Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Tel. 624-5732

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Dinc Arslan said...

Shame on those bouncers that don't let beautiful people in (i mean both men and women). Legendary Thursday nights are now full of foreigner guys. last Thursday it was packed with lots of drunk Austrians