Sunday, August 19, 2007

Me Me Me, Yay!

Gods are timeless and immutable, but restaurateur-diety Arkday Novikov symbolically marked a birthday anyway at Galereya, his pet favorite glitterati hotspot, on July 28. Where mortals see birthdays as an opportunity to treat their friends to bathtub vodka and a DIY sandwich bar, He took it all the way "there" with a modern-day Trimalchio's feast. And in true Novikov fashion, branded the fuck out of everything. What's my name!

Novikov or Bust!

Having trouble digesting under the dead shark-like gaze of Novikov? Then use his abounding self-likenesses as an opportunity to do anything you ever wanted to him.

I don't care if Sergei Zverev is becoming Jocelyn Wildenstein, homegirl has a sense of humor.

People did the same thing when WinZavod ran the "Four Seasons of Putin" exhibit earlier this summer. Такого как Путин!

Galereya, 27 Petrovka Ul., Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tel. 937-4544/4504


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Joshua S Walker said...

that girl looks just like putin