Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Weekest Link

Moscow fashion -- no longer an oxymoron? Places like The MOST created a new market demand for dignifıed, pretty things you can wear on the street without your lady pieces falling out. At this year's Russian Fashion Week, designers Alena Akhmadullina and Terexov spearheaded a revolution in sartorial understatement, forgoing peacock colors and FM boots for gray tweed and sensible shoes.

The new rank-n-file dyevushki -- elegant, timeless, boring as fuck.

Goodie Sveta in Akhmadullina's Pilgrim collar.

But who cares about them. Certainly not MDBIT, who cares only for the zeniths and nadirs of human achievement. And for every Terexov and Akhmadullina, there's ten more Russian designers pushing the bill on what can be worn in public.

Sergey Zverev for Ilya Shagin. Schwing!

Nationalism sellz: Two Gun Towers' flag cape will be the season's hit

Sergei Efremov Doesn't Believe in Pants.

Carnie chic


As an amateur social anthropologist, Konstantin Gayday's Russian folk print ghoulie faces Muslim keffiyah just made my head explode.

Honorable mention: After all that bad press they got for being rapey, Slava Zaitsev makes being a Cossack cool again.

Good evening, bitties!

Recess tip hats

Taking the fug cake is the 2008-2009 fall-winter collection of Kira Plastinina, the teenage daughter of dairy magnate Sergei Plastinin. A high-powered corporate father and an independently sucessful daughter -- so much talent in that family, it's not fair.

Ma'am! You dropped your vag.


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