Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wazzup Rockers

Shit, I thought I had my finger in every hole of teen culture. But I missed last weekend’s Trendy Candy 2 party at Proyekt Fabrika, which is some unholy union of White Trash for Cash, 9 Lines internet magazine and a bunch of arty LiveJournalists, to say nothing of Trendy Candy 1. For shame, MDBIT.

Hey, you misspelled, ah — nevermind.

An old-fashioned high school party in an industrial warehouse, where people are staggering around drunk, snapping each others underwear and shotgunning Sovetskoe Shampanskoye, makes for great Larry Clarky photography. In fact, the entire party was staged in order for people to take high-contrast photographs for their blogs.

Like this:

What I like about this party is that it’s overrun with gay guys and riotously drunk, well-dressed chicks, both of whom would be unwelcome in any other nightlife establishment in the city. Maybe that’s why they’re partying in a paper mill. If I were a boy, I would be all over this scene. By 3 a.m., it must be like shooting fish in a bucket.

I mean, shit.
Cheers to the chick in blue vinyl, because there are definitely not enough of her in Moscow. I was going to lie and say she was me, but I already said I wasn't there. Rats. Brother of mine, you have my blessing to marry fair Abnormal Circus. Let's look at her some more:


Proyekt Fabrika, 18 Perevedenovsky Per., Metro: Baumanskaya, Tel. Uh...


Dinc Arslan said...

That is totally against Geneva Convention

Whitney Lauren said...

Whitney Lauren said...

What does the girl's wifebeater say in Russian? What's with the tiny scissors?