Friday, October 12, 2007

Field of Dreams

You remember Kolomeskoe from Afisha Picnic (You remember it all very clearly because you were wet and sober). On the expansive grounds of this historical park, Russia's No. 2 investment bank Troika Dialog managed to do what a bunch of lazy hipsters could not: throw a fucking party.

To be fair, Troika Dialog had more funds to play with. A long time ago, CEO Ruben Vardanyan promised that if the company's worth exceeded $1 billion, he would give away $10 million in bonuses to everyone from top executives to the cleaning ladies. Everyone was real thrilled about that. What they didn't know was that Crazypants McGee also planned to parachute into his own killer party if they hit the mark.

Well, they did, and he did.

On the last Saturday of September, Kolomenskoe was transformed into Troika Dialog's "Gorod Mechty" (City of Dreams). Life at an investment bank sucks — you work like a dog, do a lot of stimulants and then blow your entire 75K bonus on a stupid green watch. Some people think you've become a sociopath. But it all becomes worth it when you get to go to a company party and send your friends text messages that say, "Holy fucking shit Prince is on fucking stage."

Prince, the world's most erotic diminutive pop star, at a Moscow corporate party. You'll have to visualize that yourself though, because the only photos from the event to be found in the Internet ether are promo shots of "human decorations," and the above party snaps from what looks to be an arty secretary. Russian business lacks transparency?

SCRATCH THAT. A MDBIT reader who wishes to remain anonymous just sent in this hazy cellphone pic of what appears to be Prince in some sort of concert venue. Rock-solid evidence, My work here is done.,, that one guy

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