Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a Very Zverev World

Everyone hearts Jocelyn Wildensteinian reality television star, singer and man-about-town Sergei Zverev. Broadly speaking, Russians hate and fear gays on the street, but love their celebrities camp as a row of tents, and so Zverev floats above homophobia, a shining silicone he-she. He even melted the heart of thugtastic Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who stated he finds the anthropoid creature "companionable" and gave him a 100 thousand euro watch. (Read all about it the GQ interview between Kadyrov and...Ksenia Sobchak, proof that reality is much stranger than fiction.)

You read so much about Zverev's extracurricular pursuits, like recieving wristwatches from scary tyrants, that you may have forgotten his original calling – male hairdresser. September saw the grand opening of his Celebrity beauty salon, which, given the popularity of the tranny aesthetic among biological women in Moscow, will likely do quite well. I except to see an army of Zverev lookalikes take over the world just before Armageddon.

To celebrate the opening, here's MDBIT's tribute to the many looks of Sergei Zverev, because no one embodies the spirit of retarded fabulousness better than him. Good night, and God bless.

Celebrity, 10 Nikolskaya Ulitsa, Metro: Lubyanka, Tel. 721-3524

Photos:,, the deep recesses of the Internets


Anonymous said...

My first comment left on "Rai'd" never made it. Pity. I was proclaiming my undying love for this webpage (which was found neither through searching "gay" nor "fashion", but a shoutout from Russia! Magazine. Hell yeah, I bought it with my own borsch money)

Anyhow, you must know that this little address has been stalked numerous times and throughout it all, one question remained: "Are those fuc*ers for real?" I still can't figure it out, despite that I was born and raised in Moskva.

Cheers from Pacific Canada!

P.S. Remember, the world is a better place with more MDBIT updates.

AnnEE said...

After my google reader begging me to read this blog for a while, I've spent the entire day ignoring my son and husband, and laughing over the hilariousity that is MDBIT. You are amazing and hilarious, and have Russia pegged! My favorite picture?

"Sasha, Sasha, and.....Sasha." I'm subscribing for sure- thanks for giving this former St. Petersburg dweller something to be entertained with!