Thursday, February 21, 2008

C-Rai-Mes of Fashion

Russian clothing line Orby designs clothes for kids with young, hip parents. You know, the kind who aren't afraid to leave them in the Hummer with the driver while they get their drink on in a club. Like Britney Spears. So it makes sense that Orby would debut its collection at Rai, where the laws that govern adult behavior (and fashion) in the rest of the world do not apply.

Irresistible and confusing urge to punch a child.

Girl, they wanted a cat.

Did you know you were gay before they dressed you?

Sometimes when Mommy drinks she makes bad decisions. Mommy's sorry.

Yea, your jeans are cool, but your girlfriend has horsey face.

Forget the silly clothing. Your parents left you alone with Sergei Zverev? They must really hate you.

Say what you want about belittling children, the fact of the matter is that all these fuckers got into Rai, and we didn't. Waaaaaaa!



U said...

Zverev the new Jackson?

Marissa said...

Wait...where are the cell-phone necklaces??? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

uh. reading your blog makes me reconsider plans to come teach in russia. or at least in moscow. please tell me a reasonably attractive american girl can survive in this jungle...

Me said...

It depends. I only got laid once in Moscow, and it was by accident in the metro during chas pik.

Anonymous said...

Ouch the parents know nothing about fashion, clothes, music, or youth culture, and now a entrepreneurial designer that helps them emphasize it through their kids. What you cant learn you can always buy in Moscow.