Monday, January 28, 2008

Peddler of Russian Flesh

Good morning. Google Analytics informs me that the majority of MDBIT visitors arrived at my blog for reasons less pure than an interest in nightlife anthropology. Unfortunately, the searches for RUSSIAN WHORES and WHERE TO FIND WHORES IN MOSCOW and with alarmingly increasing frequency, SERGEY ZVEREV NUDE, usually come up empty-handed. (See that little trick right there? 40 more visitors a day.) But, this time I'm pleased to be able to give the huddled masses what they actually want — SMUT. For your homoerotic viewing pleasure, here are DIMA BILAN'S BUTT and DANILA POLYAKOV STRADDLING A PUSSY. Enjoy.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Photos: Brian's Myspace,


Marissa said...

Hey! Same half-naked photo of Bilan that put me on the map for soft-core porn! Full circle...

You are an effing genius.

Peter said...

So, does turkey believe in tears?

Me said...

Istanbul believes in handfeeding me olives on the beach.