Thursday, December 27, 2007


I’m trying to shake the winter doldrums by looking at photos from Rai, which takes it back. Waaaay back. Pagan, naked, super-camp — humankind hasn’t partied this degenerately since 99 AD.

Fellini couldn’t make this shit up. Drenched with sexual juices, rolling in glitter, Rai is a terrifying glimpse into the ancient depravity that exists in each and every one of us, if we can just get past face control.

Somewhere between heaven and hell, this Rai, although last weekend’s inclusion of Boy George tipped the scales towards the latter. Who better to take part in the pre-Christian orgiastic fury than a man recently charged with false imprisonment of a male hustler. If Rai could get R. Kelly up in there, it would be quite an interesting afternoon.

Doesn’t promoter Andreas look like a fun-size Caligula? Doesn’t he just?

Close the window! Go back to from whence you came! Once you realize there’s a place on earth you can indulge every perverse fantasy, including bug-eye sunglasses, you can never feel pleasure again!

Enough. I’m nauseous of boobs and lasers.



TenderBeast said...

"fun-size Caligula" LOL!!!!1

Marissa said...

Who the hell is in charge of the collagen rations in Moscow??? Can't Putin do something about that?!

Peter said...

Yeah, Moscow is being faced with a new and alarming epidemic: duck lips. So far the (possible) pandemic has affected only upper class wives (possible causes include allergic reactions to sushi, all leather car interiors, overly spicy food in Bodrum Turkey) and male hairdressers with their own reality shows.

At present, a cure is being sought between the breasts and thighs of much younger, eager to please single women by leading Moscow thinkers.

Anonymous said...

cool blog ))
had a laugh))