Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A-Rai-yan Nation

Something in the water at Rai? It's starting to resemble "Village of the Damned," or perhaps Hitler's grooviest vision of the future. These photos are from last weekend's Bob Sinclair concert, where your corny endormorphic girlfriend and her friend were playing Olsen Twins.

In other news, I'm going on strike until people start posting more comments. I have a Statcounter; I know I'm not just writing this for myself. Russia, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Davis — you take and you take and you take of the MDBIT and you gives nothing back. But, no one rides for free. Look, I don't make any money off this thing. All I want is attention. And expensive panties.


Michelle Hipps said...

i love the title of your blog..

Spanish_Banker said...

I think your blog is great!

However where are the photos of your sexy self....?

Me said...

Send me underwear.

Marissa said...

Don't go on strike -- since my last good American friend left Russia last month, your blog is the only disgruntled expat view I enjoy reading on the current state of Moscow's fabulously retarded nightlife. Dammit, I miss it.

By the way, kudos on the Russian-English mash-up pun in the title. Aside from Nazis, who doesn't love a good Hitler joke?!

cera said...

MDBIT smells like baby oil and salt.

tshhh-toh-toh said...

i sometimes read your blog for fun. because it is)
but some people can get it wrong, i mean those who doesn't know anything about Moscow can really think all that you writing about is a real picture of the city life... of course it's real, a real part.. but it would be nice to read about things that are tottaly different from this shit) though i understand that the main aim of this blog is maybe different too)
anyway, thank you.
p.s. i'm russian and my english doesn't let me to... rrrrr...i forgot the word..ok.. to give my thoughts fully

Lyndon said...

Panties like these?

I really enjoy MDBIT, as it covers a part of Moscow that I never saw in my years there and likely won't see even if I go back with a high-paying job. Glad that the strike was short-lived.