Thursday, December 13, 2007


Youth brigade Nashi held a fashion show by Red Square to drum up interest in the Putin 4-Eva movement. After all, nothing says slavish devotion like stripping down to your panties in sub-zero weather.

Vova, my crotch is with you. The dark gas elf is too short to lead!

Thanks to Scraps of Moscow for the tip-sky.



katia said...

do you have to be an ardent supporter to get these pro-putin panties or can you find them next to the over-priced cherburashkas at bosco?

Joshua S Walker said...

you have to love the spontaneous demonstrations!

btw have you noticed that those nashi flags look a whole lot like the hammer and sickle, especially if you squint a bit?

Marissa said...

Slavish devotion to an extent, that is. I mean, she's still wearing hand-warmers. If those were full-on gloves she'd have surely been sent to the gulag. Putin don't play that.

Lyndon said...

The Nashi alarm-clock logo is actually a direct rip-off of the logo of their "orange" arch-enemies, Ukraine's Pora.

I would blog about it, but now that I've gotten a coveted shout-out in MDBIT, I'm thinking about retiring from this blogging thing. Really, it doesn't get any better than this, so perhaps I'll go out on top.

tanya said...

great commemts in the moscow times article! hope you still have a job and toilet paper!