Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back II School

Department store TsUM's fall advertising campaign: where no irony and hyper-irony intersect?

Girl: Back to school for me! Now I'm interested only in clothes. And I don't need the two of you old and ugly freaks.
Bear: It was bound to happen.
Rabbit: Wowsa!

Girl: I'm the only one in the class. Really just me. Everyone else exploded from jealousy.

Girl: I'm a princess! You're an animal.
Bear: Holy shit!!!!

Girl: Daddy! If you really love me, Buy! Buy! Buy! The shoes, the dress, the hat.

Girl: Who's not in Prada, [censored]?

Girl: You're too old-fashioned. Farewell.

Girl on left: Mom and her girlfriends constantly chatting about TsUM, like it's the most happening and cool place.
Girl on right: They're witches! The Devil wears Prada! I'm afraid!
Bear: You're both right.

Girl: Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me: Am I the prettiest in the whole school?

Girl: Everyone's normal, but I'm wearing Burberry.

Boy: I wanna grow up and be rich, drive a Bentley and shop only in TsUM.

TsUM, 2 Petrovka Ul., Metro: Teatralnaya, Tel. 933-7300, 292-5308


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